A number of legal challenges have been filed against the High-Speed Rail project proposed by the California High-Speed Rail Authority. CC-HSR is a party in one lawsuit (the Atherton cases that challenge the adequacy of the Bay Area to Central Valley Program Level EIR). In addition, CC-HSR has been working closely with the attorneys and parties in other legal challenges, supporting their efforts to oppose the project. Attorney Mike Brady, a CC-HSR Board Member, is lead counsel in one of the most important cases (Tos v. High-Speed Rail Authority, challenging the Authority's misuse of Proposition 1A bond funds).

The Transportation Solutions Defense and Education Fund (TRANSDEF) has been opposing the current High-Speed Rail project because of the project's manifest failure to deliver on the "high-speed" promises made to California taxpayers. TRANSDEF maintains an online library of legal actions that have been filed against the High-Speed Rail project. You can get to the TRANSDEF library by clicking the Litigation link. Once on the TRANSDEF site, click the link for any of the listed lawsuits, and you will find a user friendly explanation of what is going on, complete with legal filings.

On December 13, 2016, CC-HSR, the Town of Atherton, and other plaintiffs filed a court challenge to AB 1889 (click here to view). This Bill is an attempt by the Legislature to amend parts of Proposition 1A, the High-Speed Rail Bond Act enacted by the voters in 2008. The Bill would, in fact, eliminate important provisions of the Bond Act that provide financial protection to the taxpayers. The California Constitution says the Legislature canít amend what the voters did without getting voter approval for the changes. CC-HSR is standing up for fiscal responsibility, and is fighting this attempt by the Legislature to usurp the power of the voters. A trial is expected to come quickly. View the court challenge.