About Us

The Community Coalition on High Speed Rail (CC-HSR) is a grassroots, nonprofit corporation, managed by business and neighborhood leaders. CC-HSR represents businesses and residents in the communities located along the proposed HSR alignment on the Peninsula Caltrain corridor (Mountain View, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Atherton, Belmont, and Burlingame).

Our Mission

Our mission is to make sure the proposed California High-Speed Rail Project does not adversely affect the economy, environment, or the quality of life for California's existing communities. We do this by working through public advocacy, litigation, and political action.

What We Are Doing

We seek to protect our communities through political and legal activism. Here is a partial list of our activities:

  • CC-HSR strategically works with citizen activists, business representatives, local government staff, and elected officials of our Peninsula communities to build a powerful coalition on HSR.
  • CC-HSR coordinates with groups throughout the state who are also concerned about HSR.
  • CC-HSR lobbies in the state legislature and with the Governor.
  • CC-HSR works to insure that the California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) Board Members and staff address, rather than dismiss, our issues.
  • CC-HSR communicates with journalists and the media to tell our community stories.
  • CC-HSR promotes public outreach, educational events and community meetings.
  • CC-HSR provides official comments on key documents like the CHSRA Business Plan and EIRs, as a mechanism to shape these documents and advance local community and business concerns.


CC-HSR is funded by the generous financial contributions of our grassroots supporters. We leverage this support with an all-volunteer Board, which includes business owners, technology specialists, and attorneys who donate their time to this cause. Click on the Donate button at the left to donate to support our efforts!

Board of Directors

Our volunteer Board of Directors is comprised of local residents and business persons from communities located on the San Francisco Peninsula:

James Janz, President - James Janz is a land use attorney and formerly served as a City Council Member and Mayor of Atherton.

Julie Quinlan, Secretary - Julie Quinlan is an attorney and has worked extensively with lower income residents on the Peninsula.

Kevyn Allard, Treasurer - Kevyn Allard is one of the founders of CC-HSR and has spearheaded CC-HSR's fundraising efforts.

Patty Boettcher - Patty Boettcher is a community activist who is deeply concerned about the potential impacts of HSR.

Mike Brady - Mike Brady is an attorney who is challenging the Authority's HSR project in court.

Jerry Carlson - Jerry Carlson is a retired financial professional, and a former Atherton Mayor and City Council Member, now a San Carlos resident.

Mike Cobb - Mike Cobb is a marketing professional with his own advertising agency and is a former 3-term member of the Palo Alto City Council, which he served two times as Mayor.

Kathy Hamilton - Kathy Hamilton has written over 150 articles on the subject of HSR. See her postings at: http://www.thehamiltonreport.com.

Russ Peterson - Russ Peterson has been working on HSR since 2009 and has led many community lobbying trips to Sacramento.

Charles Voltz - Charles Voltz is a former attorney, and has been deeply engaged in HSR issues since 2009.

Gary A. Patton, Executive Director - gapatton@gapattonlaw.com Gary Patton is an environmental lawyer, former County Supervisor, and environmental lobbyist.